Non-diet Approach

If you have tried dieting and had minimal success, you are not alone. The prevalence of dieting is continually increasing, however it is paralleled with an increase in obesity.  We know that in most cases dieting is not working! Try the non-diet approach to better health!

What does this mean?

The non-diet approach steers away from weight centered goals, diet records and kilojoule counting, instead it teaches various acceptance techniques to guide individuals towards making long-term improvements in their health.

The underlying concepts of the non-diet approach are to accept and embrace body cues, all foods, body shape, movement, and non-diet nutrition.

Eating plans

For individuals looking for a structured approach, Everyday Eating provides 7-day plans that are well-balanced and simple to follow.

To make an appointment with an Everyday Eating Accredited Pracitising Dietitian, or for further information, please Contact us. You will receive a response within 24 hours.